Cookbook Stores

Last August, Thrillist published an article highlighting cookbook stores which they say provide “a respite from the fast-paced, quick-snippet cooking videos we’re used to today.” The stores covered by Thrillist range from coast to coast, from New York to Seattle, and got us thinking about compiling a list of Cookbook Stores of our own: New […]

25 Ingredients Nobody Cooks With Anymore — but Should

“Here are just a few vintage kitchen staples you don’t see much of anymore, but should consider cooking with again.” says Carolyn Menyes in “25 Ingredients Nobody Cooks With Anymore — but Should“, published on Menyes’ list of 25 includes ingredients such as bacon grease, chicken fat, and lard, butter, heavy cream, whole milk, […]

Think your vintage CorningWare is worth $10k? Better think again!

How much is my Corningware worth? Social media posts, eBay listings, and even stories published by reputable magazines may have you thinking your Corningware is worth thousands. Sadly, in most cases, this just isn’t true. Let’s take a look at the origin of the riches in your cupboards stories: In March 2019, Better Homes and […]

Could the Avocado-Green Kitchen Make a Comeback?

A recent New York Times story by  Ronda Kaysen suggests perhaps the avocado-green kitchen could make a comeback, saying, “The days of the all-white kitchen and plain stainless-steel appliances may be numbered.”. Citing examples such as the November 2019 cover of Elle Decor which featured a Steven Gambrel-designed kitchen in stunning turquoise, statistics on Pinterest […]

7 Vintage Cookbooks Worth the Thrift Store Hunt

Southern Living recently published a story by Micah A Leal on their website, listing “7 vintage cookbooks worth the thrift store hunt”. In it, Leal notes, “In a world where everyone carries a professional camera in their pocket, and where flawless media related to food inundates our TVs, Facebook pages, and Instagram feeds, things like old cookbooks seem irrelevant and outdated—but nothing could be farther from the truth.”

Vintage Kitchen Gadget Test – Do They Work? (VIDEO)

Emmy Cho, aka emmymadeinjapan, is an addictively fun and at the same time sort of soothing to watch YouTuber who experiments with all types of foods, recipes, and kitchen gadgets. The following are a few of Emmy’s vintage kitchen gadget testing videos. They’re entertaining to watch and informative too! Don’t forget to click Subscribe on […]

This Is Why You Should Still Buy Cookbooks In 2017

The recipe world has changed, and it has made cookbooks even better. By Julie R. Thomson, HuffPost, January 2017 What do you do when you need to find a recipe for dinner? We’re willing to bet you don’t pull a book off your shelf and flip through the pages in search for an idea. Chances […]