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“No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers”

Laurie Colwin, Home Cooking

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Unplugged Kitchen: The Simple, Authentic Joys of Cooking, by Viana La Place (1996)

Unplugged Kitchen, by Viana LA Place

Pull the plug on fancy techniques and fall in love with food again with this beautifully illustrated new book by the co-author of Cucina Fresca and Pasta Fresca. Viana’s food is nothing less than inspired. In nearly 200 tastefully evocative recipes she cooks the foods she loves from the fresh flavors of the world’s cuisines.

Condition: Good. Cover and pages show some wear from reading and storage.

Our Price: $12.00 USD Hardcover with Dust Jacket

“Don’t be afraid to offer simple food to your guests. Elaborate pictures of fancy foods should remain on magazine pages, Simple food always elicits the strongest emotions – of thanks, of pleasure.”

Viana La Place, Unplugged Kitchen

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A Taste of Indulgence: Divine Desserts, by Margaret O’Sullivan, 1996
American Gourmet, by Jane and Michael Stern (paperback)
American Heirloom Pork Cookbook, by Checkerboard Kitchens, 1971
American Woman’s Cookbook, by Ruth Berolzheimer, 1940
American Woman’s Cookbook, by Ruth Berolzheimer, 1972
An Encyclopedia of Chinese Food and Cooking, by Chang u0026amp; Kutscher, 1977
Antoinette Pope School Cookbook, by Antoinettte and Francois Pope, 1949
Asian Pasta, Linda Burum, 1985
At Home in the Country, by Mary Emmerling, 1991
Baking with Julia, by Dorie Greenspan (Author)
Barbecue Cookbook The Fine Art of Outdoor Cooking, 1972
BBQ USA: 425 Fiery Recipes from All Across America (Hardcover),
by Steven Raichlen (Author) , 2003
Beard on Pasta, by James Beard, 1983
Best – Ever Appetizers Starters u0026amp; First Courses, contributing ed Christine Ingram,
Best Ever Chicken, Edited by Linda Fraser, 1996
Best Loved Recipes of the American People, by Ida Bailey Allen, 1965
Better Homes u0026amp; Garden Fix It Fast Cookbook, by Gerald Knox, 1979
Better Homes u0026amp; Garden Heritage Cookbook, 1975
Better Homes and Gardens Annual Recipes 1997, 1997
Better Homes and Gardens Best Buffets Cook Book, 1974
Better Homes and Gardens Blender Cook Book, 1974
Better Homes and Gardens Cooking for Two, 1974
Better Homes and Gardens Desert Cook Book, 1973
Better Homes and Gardens Easy Skillet Meals, 1974
Better Homes and Gardens Encyclopedia of Cooking, 1970
Better Homes and Gardens Fondue and Tabletop Cooking, 1973
Better Homes and Gardens Ground Meat Cook Book, 1973
Better Homes and Gardens Home Canning Cook Book, 1974
Better Homes and Gardens Jiffy Cooking, 1973
Better Homes and Gardens Make-Ahead Cook Book, 1974
Better Homes and Gardens Meat Stretcher Cook Book, 1974
Better Homes and Gardens Menu Cook Book, 1973
Better Homes and Gardens New Dieter’s Cook Book, 1992
Better Homes and Gardens New Dieter’s Cook Book, 1992
Better Homes and Gardens Oven Meals, 1974
Better Homes and Gardens Pork, and Sausage, and Ham, 1979
Better Homes and Gardens Snacks and Appetizers, 1974
Better Homes and Gardens So-Good Meals Cook Book, 1975
Better Homes and Gardens, Microwave Cook Book (1976)
Better Homes and Gardens, QuickBreads CookBook, 1975
Better Than Store-Bought, by Helen Witty u0026amp; Elizabeth Schneider Colchie (1979) First Edition
Betty Crocker Best Recipes for Pasta, 1990
Betty Crocker, Red Spoon Collection, Best Recipes for Cookies (1989)
Betty Crocker’s Baking Classics, 1979
Betty Crocker’s Chinese Cookbook, Leeann Chin, 1981
Betty Crocker’s Good and Easy Cookbook, 1973
Betty Crocker’s Guide to Easy Entertaining
Betty Crocker’s Guide to Easy Entertaining, 1959
Betty Crocker’s Hostess Cookbook, 1967
Betty Crocker’s New Good and Easy Cookbook, 1962
Betty Crocker’s New Good and Easy Cookbook, 1962
Blue Ginger: East Meets West Cooking with Ming Tsai, by Ming Tsai, 1999
BobFlay Cooks American : Great Regional Recipes with Sizzling New Flavors, by Julia Moskin, 2001
BobFlay’s Bold American Food, by BobFlay, 1994
Boston Cooking School Cookbook, by Fannie Merritt Farmer, 1942
Breaking Bread with Father Dominic, by Father Dominic Garramone, 1999
Brennan’s New Orleans Cookbook, by Hermann B. Deutsch
Burt Wolf Eating Well, 1992, Paperback (sticky)
Campbell’s Deliciously Easy Recipes, by Campbell, 1992
Campbell’s Most-For-The-Money Main Dishes, by Campbell, 1975
Campbell’s Simply Delicious Recipes, by Campbell, 1992
Cheese and Eggs, by Isabel Moore, 1976
Christmas Cookies, Edited by Glorya Hale, 1990
Christmas with Southern Living-1984, by Oxmoor House, 1984
Classic Italian Cuisine, by Rosemary Moon, 1995
Complete Encyclopedia of Vegetables and Vegetarian Cooking, Denny u0026amp; Ingram, 1997
Cooking for a New Earth, by Carl Jerome (1993)
Cooking Light Cookbook- 1991, by Oxmoor House, 1990
Cooking With Soup, by Campbell, 1972
CookWise, Shirley O. Corriher, 1997
Crafts for an Old-Fashioned Christmas, Edited by Diana Wenk, 1984 (paperback-small)
Creative Cooking with Aluminum Foil, by Reynolds Wrap, 1967
Cuisine Economique, by Jacques Pepin, 1992
Cut Dollars From Your Food Bill Cookbook, by Jessie De Both, 1942
Decorative Garnishes The Final Touch, by Margo Kokko, 1982
Delia Smith’s Summer Collection, 2000
Dominique’s, Dominique D’ermo
Duncan Hines Treasury of Baking, by Duncan Hines, 1992
Early American Herb Recipes, by Alice Cooke Brown, 1966
Fancy Pantry, by Helen Witty, 1986
Fast and Fabulous Parties, Michele Braden, 1994
Fast, Fresh, and Spicy Vegetarian, by John Ettinger, 1998
Feng Shui at Home, Carol Soucek Kind MFA PhD, 1999
Fondue, Chafing Dish and Casserole Cookery, by Margaret Deeds Murphy, 1969
Food Mania, by Nigel Garwood u0026amp; Rainer Voigt (paperback)
Glorious French Food: A Fresh Approach to the French Classics (Hardcover),
by James Peterson (Author), 2002
Good Housekeeping Appetizer Book, 1958 (booklet)
Gourmet Cooking, Earl Peyroux, 1985
Gourmet International Barbecue, 1971
Great American Cooking Schools Quiche u0026amp; Pate, by Peter Kump, 1982
Great Cooking, The Best Recipes from TIME-LIFE Books, 1986
Great Parties – Martha Stewart Living, by Bruce Shostak, 1997
Green Groceries: A Mail-Order Guide to Organic Foods, Jeanne Heifetz, 1992
Half a can of Tomato Paste and Other Culinary Dilemmas, by Jean Anderson u0026amp; Ruth Buchan, 1980
Happy Days with the Naked Chef [BARGAIN PRICE] (Hardcover), by Jamie Oliver (Author), 2002
Healing Foods, by Miriam Polunin (1997)
Hershey’s Light and Luscious Desserts, 1994
Hors d’oeuvre etc., by Coralie castle u0026amp; Barbara Lawrence, 1973
How to Cook Everything: The Basics (Hardcover), by Mark Bittman (Author) , 2003
How You Plan and Prepare Meals, by Byrta Carson u0026amp; MaRue Carson Ramee, 1962
I’m Just Here for the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking, by Alton Brown, 2002
Instructions to the Cook, by Bernard Glassman u0026amp; Rick Fields, 1996
Island Harvest, Nick Nairn, 2000
Ismail Merchants Passionate Meals, 1994, Paperback
Jake O’Shaughnessy’s Sourdough Book, by Timothy Firnstahl, 1976
James Beard’s New Fish Cookery, by James Beard, 1987
Jane u0026amp; Michael Stern’s Coast-to-Coast Cookbook, 1986 (paperback)
Jean-Georges: Cooking At Home with a Four-Star Chef, by Jean Georges Vongerichten, 1998
Joy of Cooking, All About Pasta u0026amp; Noodles (2000)
Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home (Hardcover),
by Julia Child (Author), Jacques Pepin (Author), 1999
Kaffeehaus: Exquisite Desserts from the Classic Cafés of Vienna, Budapest, and Prague,
by Rick Rodgers, 2002
Kitchen Primer, by Craig Claiborne, 1969
Larousse Gastronomique, by Charlotte Turgeon u0026amp; Nina Froud, 1961
Lee Bailey’s Soup Meals, by Lee Bailey, 1989
Leone’s Italian Cookbook, by Gene Leone, 1967
Let’s Cook It Right, by Adelle Davis (1947)
Lidia’s Italian Table: More Than 200 Recipes From The First Lady Of Italian Cooking, by Lidia Bastianich, 1998
Love Cookbook, by Leo Buscaglia, 1994
Luchow’s German Cookbook, Leonard Jan Mitchell
Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Chocolate Desserts, 1981
Maida Heatter’s New Book of Great Desserts, 1982, (water damage)
Making Your Own Gourmet Tea Drinks, by Matthew Tekulsky, 1995
Marcella’s Italian Kitchen, by Marcella Hazan, 1986
Mario Batali Simple Italian Food: Recipes from My Two Villages, by Mario Batali, 1998
Martha Stewart’s Hors d’Oeuvres, 1984
Mary Bought A Little Lamb and This is How She Cooked It, by Rhoda Nation, 1970
McCall’s Cookbook, by , 1963
Missouri Sesquicentennial Edition Cookbook (1821-1971)
Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking, by Meta Given, 1969
My French Kitchen, by Denise Khaitman Schorr, by Jean Hopley Klein, 1981
NAKED CHEF TAKES OFF, THE, by Jamie Oliver, 2001
NAKED CHEF, THE (Hardcover), by Jamie Oliver (Author), 2000
New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook, by Jean Hewitt, 1971
Nick Stellion’s Mediterranean Flavors (1997)
Nick Stellion’s Mediterranean Flavors (1997)
Northeast Middle Vikings, 25th Anniversary Cook Book
Old Fashioned Candymaking, by June Roth, 1974
Osprey Island, by Anne Lindbergh Feydy, 1974
Preserving Summer’s Bounty, by Marilyn Kluger, 1979
Reader’s Digest, Great Recipes for Good Health (1988)
Reader’s Digest, Secrets of Better Cooking (1973)
Recipes for Change, by Lissa DeAngelis u0026amp; Molly Siple, 1996
Recipes from a French Herb Garden, by Geraldene Holt
Recipes from the Night Kitchen, by Sally Nirenberg, 1990
Restaurant Secrets of St. Louis and other great places, by , 1998
Rodale’s Successful Organic Gardening Herbs, Patricia S. Michalak, 1993
San Antonio Cookbook II, by women’s committee of the Symphony society of San Antonio, 1976
Secret Ingredients- The Magical Process of Combining Flavors, by Michael Roberts, 1988
Secrets of Chinese Cooking by Tsuifeng and Hsiangju LIN
Seeing Beyond Saint Louis, by Barringer Fifield u0026amp; Keith Recker, 1991
Serve It Cold, by June Crosby u0026amp; Ruth Conrad Bateman, 1969
Simply Scones, by Leslie Weiner and Barbara Albright, 1988 (paperback-small)
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1983
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1984
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1985
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1986
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1987
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1988
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1989
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1990
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1991
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1993
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1995
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1996
Southern Living Annual Recipes-1997
Southern Living The Breads Cookbook, 1972
Southern Living, Southern Country Cookbook
Special Occasions – Martha Stewart Living, by Isolde Motley u0026amp; Amy Schuler, 1994
Spices of the World Cookbook by McCormick (1979)
Super Salad Selection, ed by Jane Donovan, 1997
Tender at the Bone, by Ruth Reichl (paperback)
The African News Cookbook African Cooking for Western Kitchens, 1985
The All-Star Athletes Cook Book, by Oscar Fraley, 1965
The Best of Gourmet 1998: “Featuring the Flavors of India” (Hardcover), by Editors of Gourmet (Author), 1998
The Best Recipe, 1999
The Best Thing I Ever Tasted, by Sallie Tisdale, 2000
The Bisquick Cookbook (1964)
The Book of Great Breakfasts and Brunches, by Terence Janericco, 1983
The Book of Whole Meals, by Annemarie Colbin, 1979
The Bridges of Madison County, by Robert James Waller, 1992
The Charms of Tea, by Nancy Lindemeyer, 1991
The Complete Book of Cheese, by Bob Brown, 1955
The Complete Book of Home Preserving, by Ann Seranne, 1955
The Cottage Cheese Cookbook, by William I. Kaufman, 1967
The Creative Art of Garnishing, Yvette Stachowiak, 1990
The Cuisine of Armenia, by Sonia Uvezian, 1974 (paperback-smallish)
The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, by Mollie Katzen, 1982
The Encyclopedia of Creative Cooking, by Charlotte Turgeon, 1980
The Family Circle Cookbook, by Family Circle u0026amp; Jean Anderson, 1974
The Fannie Farmer Baking Book, by Marion Cunningham, 1984
The French Laundry Cookbook, by Thomas Keller, 1999
The Frugal Gourmet on Our Immigrant Ancestors, by Jeff Smith, 1990
The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook, 1959 First Printing
The German Cookbook, by Mimi Sheraton, 1993
The Gift-Givers Cookbook, by Jane Green u0026amp; Judith Choate, 1971
The Good Fat Cookbook, by Fran McCullough, 2003
The Greens Cook Book, by Deborah Madison, 1987
The Greens Cookbook, by Deborah Madison u0026amp; Edward Espe Brown, 1988
The Greyston Bakery Cookbook, by Helen Glassman u0026amp; Susan Postal, 1986
The International Cook, by Campbell, 1980
The Jewish Holiday Cookbook, by Gloria Kaufer Greene, 1985 (Oil? Stain)
The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book, by Laurel Robertson
The Lazy Days of Summer Cookbook, by Jane Watson Hopping, 1992
The Little Book of Preserves u0026amp; Bottling, by Jillian Stewart, 1994
The Low Calorie French Cookbook, 1964
The Madison County Cookbook, by St. Joseph Church, 1994
The Martha Stewart Cookbook: Collected Recipes for Every Day, by Martha Stewart, 1995
The Menu and Recipes of Vintage 1847 Restaurant, Gary A. and Debra A. Buckler, 1987
The New Good Houskeeping Cookbook, by Mildred Ying, 1986
The New Making of a Cook: The Art, Techniques, And Science Of Good Cooking, by Madeleine Kamman, 1997
The New Saint Louis Symphony of Cooking
The New York Times 60-Minute Gourmet by Pierre Franey (1979)
The Old Cook’s Almanac, by Beatrice Vaughan, 1966
The Pie and Pastry Bible, by Rose Levy Beranbaum, 1998
The Professional Chef, Seventh Edition (Hardcover),
by Culinary Institute of America (Author), 2001
The Progressive Farmer’s Southern Cookbook, by Sallie F. Hill, 1961
The Prudhomme Family Cookbook, 1987
The Southern Heritage Breads Cookbook, 1983
The Southern Heritage Cakes Cookbook, 1983
The Southern Heritage Plain and Fancy Poultry Cookbook, 1983
The Southern Heritage, Company’s Coming Cookbook, 1983
The Southern Junior League Cookbook, by Ann Seranne, 1977
The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook, by Gloria Bley Miller, 1966
The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookbook, by Suzanne Huntley, 1965
The Ultimate Barbecue Sauce Cookbook, by Jim Auchmutey u0026amp; Susan Puckett, 1995
The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Wine, Beer, Spirits u0026amp; Liqueures,
by Stuart Walton u0026amp; Brian Glover (1998)
The Way to Cook, by Julia Child (Author)
The Wellesley Cookie Exchange Cookbook, by Susan Mahnke Peery, 1986
The Western Junior League Cookbook, Ann Seranne, 1979
The Zuni Cafe Cookbook:
A Compendium of Recipes and Cooking Lessons from San Francisco’s Beloved Restaurant,
by Judy Rodgers, 2002
U.S.A. Cookbook (Hardcover), by Sheila Lukins (Author), 1997
Victorian Frozen Dainties, by Allison Kyle Leopold, 1993
Weight Watchers Quick Cooking for Busy People, 1999
Weight Watchers Smart Choice Recipe Collection, 1992
What To Cook When You Think There’s Nothing in the House to Eat, by Arthur Schwartz, 1992
Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library, Muffins u0026amp; Quick Breads, 1993
Wine Record Book, by Alan Hutchinson Publishing ltd,
Woman’s Day Simply Delicious Cold Dishes, by Carol Truax, 1984
Your Secret Servant, by Ann Reed u0026amp; Marilyn Pfaltz, 1970

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